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Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG)

Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit Users Group.  UCHUG membership consists of first time computer users through Computer Consultants.  This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.

Upcoming Meetings

January 4th - Voice Operated Assistants, Internet of Scary Things - Amazon's Echo and Dot, and Google Home are voice-operated assistants that can provide information, play music and control your home through a voice interface.  We will discuss these devices and demonstrate the Amazon Dot. - The Internet of Things, or IoT, consists of all sorts of new household items that are connected to the Internet.  They can be a help as well as a hacking risk.  Find out what they are, what benefits they can provide and what you need do to stay safe with them.

February 1st - TBD

THIS MONTH on the UCHUG web pages

Just a few of the new January library files - Shortcut 64 bit is an Open source video editor - is a repair tool for fixing problems, especially those left behind after malware removal - Z-Cron will allow you to run scheduled executables, programs or scripts.

We are starting to gather info and tips/tricks on Windows 10.  To check out the info go to the Sites & Guides page and click on the Windows 10 button. The latest addition is How to Fix: 'Open With' Not Working when the ‘Open With’ option is missing from the right click menu on a file.

The Holiday Cheer December 2016 pictures are posted on the Group Activities page.

Updated 03 January 2017