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Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG)

Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit Users Group.  UCHUG membership consists of first time computer users through Computer Consultants.  This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.

Upcoming Meetings

May 3rd - Drones and Robots, What's New in Technology - We will review the current and future impacts of Robots and Drones upon our society.  These exciting new technologies have many current applications and may impact our lives sooner than we might predict.  We will discuss some of the latest technology trends, innovations and issues in the news today.

June 7th - UCHUG will host its annual Summer Picnic meeting at Crown Point Park in Mission Bay from 5:00 PM until dusk.  UCHUG provides Pizza, soft drinks and paper goods.  Members and guests are encouraged to bring any picnic related food goodies they would like to share and their lively conversation.

July 5th - TBD

THIS MONTH on the UCHUG web pages

Just a few of the new May library files - use ScanSpeeder to scan and split apart multiple pictures placed on the scan bed for saving digitally - if you need a good video editor for home use give Vidiot a try - Winaero Tweaker is a full function tweaker for configuring Windows 10.

The VTC Free Software and Alternatives presented at our April 2017 meeting is now on line on the Group Activities/Meeting Presentation page.

We are starting to gather info and tips/tricks on Windows 10 plus other how to fix articles.  To check out the info go to the Sites & Guides page and click on the Windows 10 button. The latest addition is How to Fix: Can't Access Mapped Network Drive via Administrative Command Prompt.

Updated 29 April 2017