CDBurnerXP - app to burn CD, DVD, BluRay, HD-DVD

Easy2Boot - turn any bootable USB drive into bootable media

Fotowall - arrange your photos by adding text, borders, and even flip, crop, and change the opacity

GNS3 - graphical network simulator that allows you to design and test complex network topologies

Logyx Pack - portable collection of 120 different logic games

Policy Plus - portable app to make Group Policy settings

Rocrail - app designed to control model train layouts

CDBurnerXP [5.1MB] Win 2k - Win 10   Freeware (Ad-Supported)

CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. This is the installer version, CDBurnerXP Portable can be downloaded here. Video tutorial available.

It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free.

CDBurnerXP Features:

burn all kinds of discs

audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks

burn and create ISO files

data verification after burning process

create bootable discs

multi-language interface

bin/nrg → ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!

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Easy2Boot [64.3MB] Win XP - Win 10/Linux   Freeware

Easy2Boot is a portable app that can turn any bootable USB drive into bootable media including Windows and Linux.

Easy2Boot uses a command-line interface that is simple to use and effective. Simply load up your thumb drive, start the application and follow the prompts to create your first bootable thumb drive. Detailed guides are included if you get stuck and the website also has tips, tricks, and guides. Be sure you're formatting the correct drive as it will format whatever drive you specify.

However, all you need to do is select the USB drive you want to format (all partitions will be wiped), select the Easy2Boot menu language and keyboard type and click on the red "Make E2B Drive" button.

It also supports UEFI booting, and you can update the ISO at any time, so there's no need to repeatedly format or recreate your media every time.

There are two files to choose from. Our mirrors have both in one ZIP that's 62.6 MB. Your choices include whether you want DPMS (Driver Pack Mass Storage drivers) or not. If you're not sure, get the smaller, no DPMS download. The DPMS version includes the Driver Pack Mass Storage drivers which might be needed if you're installing 32-bit Windows XP to SATARAIDSCSI systems. Obviously, this is most likely a small group of people.

If you're looking to boot your operating system from a USB drive directly, you'd be hard-pressed to find a simpler, lightweight app that Easy2Boot to do so. Those not familiar with the command-line might be a bit uncomfortable.

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Fotowall [10.1MB] Win XP - Win 10/Linux/Mac OSX   Freeware Open Source

Fotowall lets you arrange your photos by adding text, borders, and even flip, crop, and change the opacity with ease.

Once you open this portable app, you are presented with a Create option. Here you can add a photo, text, Wordcloud, canvas or web pictures. Before you add anything in you can also consider some canvas options. Screen size or CD\DVD cover, Decorations for a title or a top and bottom bar, background color including aspect ratio and rotation or gradient, and arrange including random or shaped placement.

We started by adding a picture and loved all the options presented. Shadows, rotation, text, and then comes many more choices in the configure link. Here you can stack, show a reflection or even add many preset themes including a heart or more borders. Under a second tab you can invert, flip, crop or change the effects. These include invert colors, black and white, glow effect, opacity, and more.

Have you ever download an app just wanting to do fun things with your pictures and found yourself looking at a paint program with more settings than you need? If so Fotowall is for you. We just had a blast simply playing around with it and were thrilled at how simple and fun it was to tweak, enhance or modify the pictures we loaded.

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GNS3 [54.4MB] Win 7 64 Bit - Win 10 64 Bit/Linux/OSX 10.6 +   Open Source

GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that allows you to design complex network topologies.

You may run simulations or configure devices ranging from simple workstations to powerful Cisco routers.

Build, Design and Test your network in a risk-free virtual environment... and access the largest networking community to help.

The best bang for your marketing buck with a concentrated group of over 2 million network professionals who come to the GNS3 community to connect each and every day.

Put your goods to the test to find out just how good they are, and get feedback from the GNS3 pros whose feedback matters the most.

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Logyx Pack [1.3MB] Win XP - Win 10   Freeware

Logyx Pack is a portable collection of 120 different logic games to test your brain with adjustable options to make them suitable for almost any age player.

These include Puzz, Yap Yamb (Net+), Yea Chess, Lineo, PipeDrop, Harpy, Zookey, Bapp, Foldex, Hopper, Zoodoku, Yomboku, Mem Pro, Memory, Spiny Goo, Mips, Moc, Inrot, Zyx, Qwez, Zbam, Thux, Rotiz, Woosho, Newpy, Cossai, Crunch, Sanno, Yam Yam, Chakz, Chealla, Chagwa, Choy, N-Queens, N-Rooks, FourMax, PipeSpin, Tac 3D, Symh, Pymh, Minesweeper, Battleships, Dominow, Geex, Micro Mastermind, Micro Yomb, Baca, Panel de Pon, Tetris, Hextris, Tetrapod, Tangram, Infe, Nam Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, King's Board, Quirkat, Chicoy, Foado, Tibu, Heho, Three Men's Morris, Tackle, Kono, PushNPull Sokoban, Magnetron, Atomic, ArrowPath, CarPath, HexaPath, SquarePath, JumpPath, Connect Four, GoMoku, Ha, Icky, Reversi, Shaga, Jumper, Pegs, RotSix, BallRings, Billiard Balls, Four Circles, Hanoi, Nim, Chomp, ThreeSwap, SideSwap, SwapJump 1D, Threener, GrowaHex, GrowaSquare, ColorPos, Maze, Wompo, Womco, Womto, Inertia, Light Up, Shapo, SlideAll, Klotski, Blobski, Sudoku, LetterSwap, Fifteen, Kakuro, DigiShift, Byss 2048, Snakes and Ladders, Senet, TogLine, PlusMinus, Varikon, Simon Says, Finty Flush, Fit, and Fit Twisted.

Logyx Pack lets you adjust options to be suitable for almost all ages. They all have basic but understandable descriptions.

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Policy Plus Pre Release [333KB] Windows All   Freeware

Policy Plus is a portable app to make Group Policy settings and tweaking your computer settings easy to access for everyone.

For those who don't know, Group Policy is a feature of Windows that controls management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users' settings. It is available for everyone, but there are limits in Home editions. If you have a Home edition of Windows, navigate to "Help, Acquire ADMX Files," and that will download the missing policies. That's what sets this apart as most Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows have this included. Typing "Gpedit.msc" will open Group Policy Editor or start a search for gpedit. Policy Plus has dozens of additional once hidden settings. Think of it as "God Mode" for Group Policy Editor. The fourth screenshot below shows Windows Group Policy and Policy Plus side by side.

Once opened, you are presented with a tree that includes Control Panel, Desktop, Network, Printers, Server, Shared Folders, Start Menu and Taskbar, System, and Windows Components. Clicking on any one of these will tell you how many policies and subcategories there are as well as an explanation of what can be done in this section. You can work your way through any tree and find system tweaks with an explanation of what they do.

Policy Plus has a couple of great reasons for its existence. First, there's a good chance you either don't have it or have limited access to settings. If you need to find a setting to fix an annoyance then think of Policy Plus as Group Policy on steroids.

There is no version number yet. It is considered early development but as far as we can tell, it's stable and bug-free. It should be regarded as an alpha build for now.

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Rocrail [8.72MB] Win XP - Win 10/Linux/Mac OS Lion +/Raspberry PI

Rocrail is a free application for Windows, Android, and more designed to control model train layouts.

Rocrail allows train and tech lovers to control their model railroad and accessories completely. Your trains can be either manually controlled or completely controlled by the software in automatic mode. There is also a mixed operation that allows you to control some trains manually and other trains in fully automatic mode.

Rocrail has a few different applications for train control:

A Dispatcher Panel for manually operating an analog or digital train

Continuous digital operations, semi automatic, or based on schedules, or Automatic

Control of car systems, ambient lighting systems (weather, time of day simulation) and other accessories

Rocrail can be used three different ways:

Rocview - the traditional user interface, installed with Rocrail

Rocweb - web client for all (also mobile) devices

andRoc - for all Android based devices

Rocrail has so many features one could write a book on it. If you're new to it, we recommend you start with their
Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Editor's Note:
The Android version is an APK file. Download takes you to the developer's website to download the latest.

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August 2017